"The Town of Beausejour is a great place to operate a Business. Our Tim Hortons franchisee is successful as it is well supported by the community. We have been able to staff our location with many local team members and Town, RM and BBDC have been extremely supportive throughout the entire process from conception to reality" - Scott Johanson  

" Dollar Tree really enjoys being a part of a community that is always friendly and supportive to our store. We truly value and appreciate all of our customers" - Dollar Tree Management 

"We just opened this store in 2013 and we are looking for a bigger space. The demand is beyond our expectations. We have customers from all over the Eastman Region and Winnipeg. It is a great potential for growth in the Region." - Rudie Frisen 

"We opened a business here in 2011 and have received tremendous support from the local government. The location a huge asset. Also, I have excellent support from local producers contributing to our success." - Don Hodgson 

"We found the Beausejour Industrial Park a great place to set up our business with ready access to all the services we require. It is a great place to build a new business." - Ray Wentz