Local Incentives

Town of Beausejour offers an Economic Development Grant ( Policy 13.2) to encourage non-profit or not for profit organizations to construct new multi-unit Senior Housing (i.e Life Lease) within Town of Beausejour boundaries. 

An application approved by resolution of Council shall be entitled to a grant as follows: 

  • The grant can be put in place for a maximum of 5 years 
  • The annual grant will be equivalent to 50% of the early property taxes. 
  • Property taxes would be considered general municipal taxes only and not any type of Local Improvement Taxes or School Taxes. 

Note: The housing project shall not be entitled to any other funding, grants or infrastructure concessions from the Town of Beausejour unless otherwise approved by Council.

For more information, contact Vee Scromeda, CAO, Town of Beausejour
E-mail: cao@townofbeausejour.com
Phone: 204-268-7553