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View the Demographics tab for information such as Population, Median Age, and more.

View the Labour Force tab for information such as Unemployment Rate, Participation Rate, and more.

View the Taxation tab for information such as Corporate and Personal Taxation rates, and more. 

View the Quality of Life tab for information such as Average Rainfall, Average Snowfall, and more. 

View the Real Estate tab for information such as Construction Period, Dwellings By Bedroom, and more.

View the Transportation tab for information such as Time Leaving For Work, Transportation Mode, and more.

View the Education tab for information such as Education, Field Of Study, and more.

View the Utilities tab for information such as Electricity Energy Charge, Municipal Sewer and Water rates, and more.

View the Companies tab for information such as local Business Sizes, Industries, and more.

Additional data can be located in the full economic profiles located at:

Data is accessed from Townfolio Municipal software. What is Townfolio?

Townfolio provides city data as a service. Originally focusing on economic development software. Townfolio has evolved into a platform to automate the community profile, provide city benchmarks and comparisons, along with completely customizable dashboards for city planning or city performance. The company provides a widget to add city dashboards to government and economic development websites, and export features to automate reporting. While main interest has come from city and county governments, economic development agencies, NGOs and other public sector clients are using Townfolio.

Where does the data come from?

Townfolio strives for the most current and credible data sources. The database features 100’s of sources and over 5 million data points on 38,000 municipalities. The data is mainly sourced from open providers ranging from census to provincial and municipal sources, along with third-party projections.