Local Incentives

Town of Beausejour offers an Economic Development Grant ( Policy 13.2) to encourage non-profit or not for profit organizations to construct new multi-unit Senior Housing (i.e Life Lease) within Town of Beausejour boundaries. 

An application approved by resolution of Council shall be entitled to a grant as follows: 

  • The grant can be put in place for a maximum of 5 years 
  • The annual grant will be equivalent to 50% of the early property taxes. 
  • Property taxes would be considered general municipal taxes only and not any type of Local Improvement Taxes or School Taxes. 

Note: The housing project shall not be entitled to any other funding, grants or infrastructure concessions from the Town of Beausejour unless otherwise approved by Council 

More Information:   Town of Beausejour Office 

                                    Attn: Vee Scromeda - CAO 

                                    E-mail:  cao@townofbeausejour.com     Phone: 204-268-7553