About Us

Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation (BBDC) serves Beausejour Brokenhead for over 30 years. BBDC was formed in 1986, following the regional partnership between Town of Beausejour and RM of Brokenhead with a mission to promote and attract more investment and growth to the region.  BBDC is a non - profit locally based organization that is comprised of a Board with representation from local municipal councils, the business community and members at large in the community.  

The goal of the BBDC is to facilitate, develop, and implement the creation of economic development, social and sustainable environment to promote our community as the best place to live and to do business.
We are focussed is on business attraction and expansion, new business development, investment attraction, supporting organization and market research. 

One of BBDC’s major objectives for developing business developing a strategy and investment attraction strategy is to identify the needs, concerns, and opportunities of existing local businesses in order that, where appropriate, local action can be taken to respond to the business’s needs and investment opportunities. 

Our Key Strategic Directions are to provide:

  • Assistance with Investment and Development 
  • Business Counselling – insight on a direction for business start-up and business development 
  • Economic Data Analysis for the region 
  • Promoting the Region 
  • Grants Assistance for a local organization
  • Building capacity for investment readiness 
  • Site selection on available sites and building for industrial and commercial use
  • Researching and encouraging investment
  • Leading and partnering on the development of identified economic opportunities for private and public sector within the region 
If you plan to expand, relocate to the investment-friendly community you could not ask for a better place for your business! With our proximity to Winnipeg, transportation roads, our positioning close to the Centre Port as well to the USA Border any commercial and industrial enterprises have an opportunity to thrive and expand globally. 

Beausejour - Brokenhead Development Corporation (BBDC) will assist you in all steps are needed to be taken to welcome your business in our community. Please contact our office if you have any questions, and your inquiries will be addressed promptly and in confidence. 

We are looking for working with you on all the steps.
Anna W. Mondor MSc(Eng), MBA 
Director of Marketing and Economic Development